Orchard Elegance: Crafting Exceptional Ciders at C.E.Petch

Named after our forefather, Charles Edgar Petch, who founded the orchard in 1920, our cider-makers are deeply involved in every stage, from planting and trimming trees to meticulous fermentation and aging processes.

The Cidery

Founded in 2017, C.E. Petch Cidery is dedicated to producing superior cider. A unique beverage to highlight any occasion, our ciders are the product of a region long known for its orchards and beautiful landscapes.

The name C.E. Petch is a direct tribute to our forefather Charles Edgar Petch, who established the orchard on site in 1920.

In pursuit of the highest quality, our cider makers are involved in every stage of production. Every apple tree in our orchard is cultivated, pruned and personally cared for by our cider-makers throughout the year. Once pressed, our apple juice undergoes low-temperature fermentation. This is followed by a period of ageing before bottling.

This summer, come and enjoy a glass of our refreshing cider on our terrace or while strolling through our orchard.

The Orchard

Since 1920, we’ve been perfecting the art of growing delicious apples. Located in the idyllic town of Hemmingford, Quebec, four generations of the Petch family continue to maintain and perfect our orchards.

Petch Orchards prides itself on growing apples, pears, plums and pumpkins in an environmentally friendly manner. This fall, during the harvest season, come and pick our exceptional fruit yourself.

The Town

Come and discover the picturesque and attractive town of Hemmingford, located 45 minutes south of Montreal.

History meets the present in Hemmingford, with unique restaurants and a community of artists and artisans in a rural setting. Artisans, cideries, wineries, pubs and restaurants await you! You can enjoy our golf club or simply take a ride in your car, bike or motorcycle while admiring the countryside.

For a relaxing day out, choose Hemmingford!